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Live2support Features:: Look & Feel Customization


Fully Customizable Visitor Chat Windows

The visitor chat window can be fully customized to match both the appearance and content of your website. You can place your website logo image as well as You can change the size, color and font of the chat window.

Ready Made Chat Windows Templates

You can select from one of the several templates which we provide to give the visitor chat window its unique identity thus complementing the overall look-and-feel of your website. You can also place your website logo image after selecting template as well as You can also change the size, color and font of the chat window.

Customizable Offline Message Form

Whenever customers or site visitors visit your web site and find that your chat operators are not available to chat with them instantly, they have the option to leave a message for your operators. Normally, these messages are forwarded to an e-mail address that has been prespecified. You can use your own offline message form or you can also customize it from control panel. As an added measure, you can now access these offline messages form within the chat application directly from the Control Panel.

Show visitor position in Chat Queue

This innovative feature takes the uncertainty out of the occasional delays your customers may experience while waiting to chat with your chat operators. The system will notify your customers as to their position in the queue while waiting to chat. They can also view in real time the change in the queue status. For example, if your customer is on position 3 when a chat request is made, the position number can be seen decreasing when the customer moves up from 3 to 2 and then to 1.

Customizable Online and Offline Graphics

If you wish to change your status denoting graphics once you have pasted the applicable code on your web pages and uploaded them, you can control your graphics settings directly from the Live2Support Control Panel. You do not have to re-paste the codes and reload your web pages. This allows for better control over what your customers will view when they wish to know whether your chat service is in the online or offline mode. This level of flexibility is available to all our customers including those with single chat operator service.

Graphics Customization at the Departmental and Page Level

If your sales and customer support teams, for instance, have their own separate departmental chat windows, you can customize their online or offline status graphics individually to suit the theme and nature of the service being provided. This ensures that your customers and site visitors know right away whether or not live chat service is available from that particular department.

Visitor Window Language Customization

Multi-lingual chat functionality enables your site visitors to communicate with your support operators in the language of their choice using a predefined language interface. You can now customize your visitor chat windows in any number of languages and code them to open simultaneously on pre-specified web pages.

Language Support in Email Messaging


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