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Feature-Packed Customer Service Solution

Live support from Live2Support is so feature-rich, a breeze to implement and easy to use that you will be on your way to live interactive chat with your customers in less than fifteen minutes. Simply sign up for live support account and provide live help to your online customer community the way you have always wanted to but didn't know how. We have listed for you a comprehensive description of product features and welcome you to explore our live support application free for fifteen days. You pay only after you are 100% satisfied with your live support solution and there is no obligation to continue. Our iron-clad 100% no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee speaks for our product's quality and reliability. Our 24/7 customer support team is standing by to assist you with product implementation, configuration and all other related issues.

Live Support Product Features:

Realtime Visitor Monitoring Chatting with your visitors
  • Monitor Website Traffic in Real-time.
  • Fast and Easy Navigation.
  • Block IP Address.
  • Send a pop-up window of special offer or change visitor current page with some special page.
  • Chat invitation : Auto/Proactive chat invitation, Page Specific Chat Invitation, floating/jumping and in page chat window, Layered Chat Window
  • Extensive Visitor Information System.
    (Geo location, search engine, time spent etc.)
  • Chat History of every visitor comes to your website.
  • Web Base Interface for monitoring and chatting.
  • Stand Alone Application ( Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad) for monitoring and chatting.
  • Foot Prints (How many page visited and time spent by visitor on each page.)
  • Call Back & Call Back History

  • One to One Text Chat with WebSite Visitors
  • One Support Operator can Accept Multiple Chat Request
  • No Visitor Log-in or Sign-up Required
  • Chat History Pop-up on Initiating Chat
  • Serving Web Pages to Online Customers
  • Pre-written or Standardized Responses
  • Smilies (Emoticons) during chat
  • File Transfer during chat
  • Co-Browsing during chat session.
  • Customize Pre & Post Chat form
  • Leave Message form (if support operators offline)
  • Multiple Support Operators Sharing Chat Session
  • Typing Status Alerts
Look & Feel Customization Preferences & Setting Control
  • Fully Customizable Visitor Chat Windows
    (To match with your web site look & feel)
  • Ready Made Chat Windows Templates
  • Customizable Offline Message Form
  • Show visitor position in Chat Queue
  • Customizable Online and Offline Graphics
  • Graphics Customization at the Departmental and Page Level
  • Visitor Window Language Customization.
    (Chat window in multiple languages)
  • Language Support in Email Messaging
  • Fast and Easy Integration
  • Live Support Through more than One Department
  • Department Based Chat Session
  • Show visitor Queue Number in chat waiting status
  • Maximum waiting time by visitor in queue
  • Language Customization
  • Enable time base chat session
  • Operators auto logout from application
  • Auto Greeting Message on chat pick for every operator.
Supervising & Reporting Value Added Features
  • Administrative and Moderator Privileges
  • Administrator Chat Monitoring and Live Support
  • PPC Tracking
  • Complete Visitor Statistics Log (Application keeps track of visitors even if all support operators are off-line.
  • Chat Transcripts of All Chat Sessions, search, email etc.
  • Chat Sharing, Chat Transfer and Messaging to another Support Operator.
  • Administrator/Supervisor Monitoring of Running Chat Session and Participation.
  • Operator Assessment/ Performance Reports and Time Logs of Live Support Service.
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Local Time Integration
  • Pass Custom Variables form Your Web Pages
  • Post Chat Survey
  • SSL-based Tracking and Chat Codes to Secure Pages and Chat Sessions
  • Pro-Popup or Change Visitor Page without chat.
  • Third Party Integration
  • Chat Routing
  • Gtalk integration for smart support
  • CRM integration (Sales force and Sugar CRM)
  • Plug-ins for CMS, E-commerce and Blogging Platforms
  • Sticky Notes, To-do List, Calender
  • Spell Checker (8 Languages)
Registed Live Chat Account
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