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Live2support Features:: Supervising & Reporting


Administrative and Moderator Privileges

Several administrative and moderator options such as adding new operators, monitoring text transcripts of chat sessions, and MIS reporting are built into our live support application. We provide a choice of two types of operators: an Administrative Support Operator and a Support Operator. Administrative Support Operators are authorized to add and push URLs, pre-defined responses and add or delete operator access to chat.

PPC Tracking

Our live support chat solution provides real-time tracking of your advertising campaigns including PPC campaigns such as Google AdWords. This is achieved through the chat application's visitor monitoring window.

Complete Visitor Statistics Log

Live2Support's built-in MIS feature generates powerful reports on site traffic and provides the following data:

- Comprehensive site visitors log
- Daily count of unique site visitors
- Monthly count of unique site visitors
- Visitor referral data
- Source URL data which indicates from where a site visitor has arrived on to your website
- Site visitor's time zone and local time
- Site visitor's IP address and geographic location

The MIS catalogs and maintains logs on a continuous basis even if you happen to be offline. You can also generate statistical reports which reflect site visitor data from specific countries.

Chat Transcripts of All Chat Sessions, search, email etc.

Your customer service representatives can view text transcripts of all previous chat sessions while they are chatting with your customers. The representative with administrative or moderator privileges can also exercise control over the chat transcripts of all the other representatives. These customer chat transcripts can serve as a valuable resource to analyze customer behavior and buying patterns. They can be used to train new members of your support team. Our existing customers tell us that these chat transcripts serve as a vital tool for strategic planning.

Chat Sharing, Chat Transfer and Messaging to another Support Operator

Live2Support's live chat application makes it possible for operators to share customer chat sessions with other operators in real time. You can invite another live chat operator who is an expert in the subject area to participate in the ongoing interaction. Your customers will rate your website highly when they notice that two support representatives can help them at the same time to provide quality customer service.

Live2Support allows customer service representatives to transfer a chat session in progress to other support team members or to a senior member of management to provide additional information, clarify issues, or resolve problems. Team members can send messages to one another for immediate review or for future consideration. The ability to transfer 'in-progress' chat interactions can truly improve the quality of customer service delivery in an environment where customers are used to receiving instant feedback, immediate customer service and prompt resolution of their problems.

Administrator/Supervisor Monitoring of Running Chat Session and Participation

The operator with administrative privileges on your website can monitor any active chat window and later view the transcripts of the sales or customer service interaction. This feature allows you to work with those chat operators who are under training and need guidance and instruction.

Operator Assessment/ Performance Reports and Time Logs of Live Support Service

Five different reports which are designed to provide you with statistical feedback about the way in which live chat from Live2Support is being used on your web site.

- Chat Request Report
- Chat Statistics Report
- Operator's Login and Log out Report
- Average Chat Rating Report
- Chat Rating Report

Google Analytics Integration

You can enable the analytics features of Google Analytics by logging into your Live2Support account and saving your Google Analytics account information in the Control Panel. You can also track more than one form on your website. For instance, if you wish to track the chat form, offline messages form, callback form & the survey form simultaneously, simply go to your Google Analytics account and generate multiple codes which you should paste on each of these forms. Re-upload these web pages once the codes are in place and you are done. In one or two days, the system will begin to generate statistics for you to analyze and perform assessments.

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