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The live chat software solution from Live2Support is extremely easy to use and
does not require sound technical knowledge.

Registed Live Chat Account

You should first sign up, get simple plug-in HTML codes from Control Panel and paste the codes into your web pages. You should then upload your web pages on to your web server. The next time you visit your website, your live chat solution will be enabled. It is that easy! You are not required to download any programs and no knowledge of programming is essential. The entire process takes less than fifteen minutes from start to finish, and remember, we are always standing by to help you.

This is what your site visitors will see when Live2Support is up and running on your website.

This is what will appear on your web pages. You can even place your own customized graphic images such as your company logo or watermark precisely where you want them to appear on your web pages. This level of flexibility means that your website will always have a professional look when you are chatting with your site visitors.

When you are online, logged in and monitoring visitor traffic on your website...
When you are offline, not monitoring site traffic OR if you have "Set Status to Offline"...


Instant Messaging for your Website from Live2Support

Live Support on your website is now only a mouse click away! Your site visitors can click on the "Live Support" icon on any of the web pages on your website where the icon appears. You can be online and simultaneously send a chat invitation to a site visitor. Your site visitors can chat with you instantly through the chat window shown below.

User-friendly Set-up and Instant Live Chat

It is not mandatory for you to download any software to use our live chat application. However, you have the option to download the application from us. No browser plug-ins are necessary to use our live chat solution since the application uses your existing browser's configuration.

Requesting contact information from site visitors such as their names and e-mail addresses is purely optional. This feature too can be customized. You can request contact information from your site visitors only when you need to do so.

Customized Message Windows when Live Chat is Offline

During those rare instances when live chat operator assistance is not available, you can leave a polite message for your site visitors asking them either to leave a message for you, call your phone number, or return to your website during your hours of operation. These messages can be customized and we have several excellent templates for you to choose from. Just ask us. Here is the offline message window your site visitors will view on your website when you are away.

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Operator's visitors monitoring window in Live2Support

When you or one of your live chat operators monitors visitor traffic in real time, this chat window appears on your screen. You have multiple options to choose from such as going online and chatting with site visitors through an invitation or responding to a chat inquiry.

Live Chat Request from Site Visitors through Chat Alerts

Whenever your site visitors send you a chat request, a chat request alert instantly appears on your screen in your monitoring window. If your monitoring window happens to be minimized, it will pop up instantly. You will also hear an audio alert just in case you have stepped a few feet away from your work station. Additionally, you will view a message in red within the chat monitoring window. All you have to do in order to initiate the live chat session with your site visitor is to click on the IP address for that site visitor in your chat monitoring window. The chat window shown here appears and enables you to start your live help, customer support or online marketing session with the site visitor.

Operator's Chat Window in Live2Support

Using Live Chat Support with Windows Application (WIN32 client)

Our live support chat solution also gives you the option to use our hosted service as a stand- alone, browser-independent application. The visitor monitoring window shown here is launched when you login and are ready to chat with your site visitors.

Acknowledging a Live Chat Request from a Site Visitor

In order to initiate a chat session with a site visitor, you should first select "Visitor" and then click "Accept" or double-click on the site visitor's IP address in order to trigger the chat session in the visitor monitoring window. When you accept the chat request from your site visitor, the chat window shown here appears on your screen and you can start your live chat session with your site visitor right away.

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