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Unbridled commitment to innovation, undivided attention to customer needs and a deep-rooted desire to provide value for your live chat investment that is our mission at Live2Support. As a customer of Live2Support, you are ready and fully poised to take your customer service initiatives to the next level with premium quality live chat that can be fully customized to address your specific needs. Enriching the user experience with quality live support that delivers each time all the time is our unqualified mandate at Live2Support.


Live2Support is a technology-driven and content-related company that was founded in the fall of 2003 by a techno-savvy entrepreneur who believed that in order for technology to deliver results, it didn't have to be expensive. The founder and CEO has more than fifteen years of rich experience in all the various dimensions of information technology including database design and networking. He subsequently envisioned live help as a powerful customer service application and Live2Support was born.


The research and development teams at Live2Support are vibrant hubs of innovation and productivity. We take pride in our long-term relationships with our customers who benefit constantly from our customer-centric service philosophy that attempts to anticipate consumer needs and provide proven solutions. Live2Support deploys cutting-edge and performance-driven technologies so that we can offer innovative features and high level performance at highly competitive prices.

We use Linux-base servers with PHP, MYSQL, Shell and C++ languages and databases at the back-end. The Front end has been developed using DHTML, JavaScript, AJAX and C++ to provide uninterrupted operation and near-instant response time.

The Windows Client downloadable version of Live2Support is a remarkable example of full throttle application technology.

It does not require any framework on the Windows platform to run. Moreover, it uses a miniscule amount of system resources on the user's computer and delivers high levels of operability and reliability.


Our primary mission at Live2Support is to provide our customers with real-time visitor monitoring and live chat solutions at the lowest possible prices so that small & medium companies can harness this technology to improve quality and performance. Live2Support offered $9.99 pricing for its live chat service when the competition was charging between $50 - $100 for identical service.

On the Anvil

Live2Support is currently planning to deploy even more advanced technologies in the field of live support so that support operator time can be further reduced. A single person will eventually be able to handle more customers at a time. This will help further optimize existing resources. We are also hard at work in order to develop other CRM components to add to the seamless delivery of live support. Moreover, live voice and telephone call back features are also in the pipe line. We continue to offer free web hosting as an added incentive for our customers. The future continues to remain bright and promising with many new product upgrades and features for our new and existing customers.

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