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April, 2008

Live2Support Spotlight - Multi-lingual Chat Functionality.

Live2Support's multi-lingual chat functionality enables your site visitors to communicate with your support operators in the language of their choice using a predefined language interface. You can now customize your visitor chat windows in any number of languages and code them to open simultaneously on pre-specified web pages. Here is an example: If your multi-lingual web site features chat-enabled web pages in English, French and Spanish, you can code the chat windows to open in English, French and Spanish respectively on the pages that use that language. When customizing these chat windows, you can also use graphics and logos in that language thus adding another layer of functionality and personalization. You also have the option to define one of the languages you have selected as your default language. This level of customization extends to the online-offline status [window ] as well. In order to achieve multiple language support, simply define the chat window profile, copy the codes and you are done!