Converting Visitors into Customers

The success of an e-commerce website today depends to a large extent on how effectively it can engage the interest of your online customer community and eventually transform that interest into a tangible sale. During the early days of Internet commerce, websites that sold their products and services to both consumers and businesses did so in a static environment that seems archaic today. At best, some companies would list their telephone numbers on their home pages and welcome e-mail inquiries. There was no live chat service to provide clear and concise responses to customers in writing.

The customer engagement scenario is very different today and an increasing number of websites including public service websites, NGO websites and thousands of educational institutions around the world routinely provide live support service to their customers and clientele through the implementation of a viable live chat software solution.

Garden variety logic dictates that if you happen to walk into a store looking to buy a specific product and found a large variety of choices awaiting you, you would be more likely to make a purchase if a store assistant was readily available to answer your questions and explain the difference between two possible purchase choices. e-commerce websites are no different and live chat is certainly no exception. The live chat icon cogently communicates to your audience that there are folks on the website standing by to assist them with answers to their questions, clarifications and requests for additional information. Live chat software goes a long way in dissipating any confusion your customers may experience while shopping on your e-commerce website more so because the presence of live chat on a website in itself denotes both trust and authority.

Customer Support through an e-mail Protocol

In addition to enhancing the overall reliability factor of your Internet commerce portal, live chat software duly installed on your website also helps to unlock the gates of e-mail communication. Customers waiting in the queue for their turn to chat with your operators are used to completing the pre-chat form which asks for an e-mail address. Encourage your live chat operators to engage your potential customers via e-mail as well in situations where information of a comprehensive nature needs to be communicated to your customers. This may include URLs of product review websites, YouTube videos explaining how to use a specific product that the customer is planning to purchase on your website or has already purchased, delivery instructions and other types of pertinent information. It is a good idea to place your customers' e-mail addresses on a mailing list and regularly e-mail information about new product arrivals, sales, brand promotions and other information of interest to your customer community. When used effectively, live chat can surely go a long way to increase conversion ratios and drive repeat business on your e-commerce website. The results are quantifiable and the impact live chat software has on your website is measurable with a high level of accuracy.

Live Support