Customize your Visitor Chat Window

You can fully customize visitor chat window on your website in diversified ways to display it in sync with your website’s appearance and other specifications to deliver paramount live chat support and rich user experience.

Choose a Chat Template

Live2Support brings you an extensive gallery of attractive chat window template and graphics to help you design customized chat window of your choice and install it on your website. Log into your Live2support Control Panel and choose the template that best appeals to you. You can tweak your Visitor Chat Window periodically according to your business requirements, festive offers and other themes.

Modify and Change Chat Window Elements

The Visitor Chat Window can be made creative by editing or modifying:-

Customize the Language

Multi-lingual chat functionality makes it possible for your visitors to chat with your agents in visitors preferred language. You can also choose different languages selectively.

Customize the Offline Message Form

Each time visitors visit your web site and notice that your live chat agents are off duty and not available to respond to a chat inquiry, they can leave a short message and their contact information for your agents by completing the Offline Message Form. You can either activate or deactivate this form according to the need of the hour. Customize this form with your logo, insignia, color, font and other elements.

Customize your Graphics

The advanced features of Live2Support allow you to customize the graphic elements on your Visitor Chat Window directly from the Live2Support Control Panel. You no longer have to re-paste the codes and reload your web page all over again each time you initiate a change.

Customize the Visitor Chat Window at the Departmental Level

When you use Live2Support, the various departments in your company can customize their Visitor Chat Windows to suit their specific functions. You can also customize the Offline Message Form accordingly by logging into your Control Panel and customizing the page. For a cue, chat window on sales department page can be more catchy and inviting in nature whereas a technical support chat window can have icons and text to visual denote availability of technical support.

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