Realtime Visitor Monitoring

Invitation Feature

Auto/Proactive chat invitation, Page Specific Chat Invitation, floating/jumping and in page chat window

You can send a live chat invitation to site visitors in order to initiate a chat session using our pro-active pop-up window. All your customer service representatives need to do is to identify themselves and invite site visitors to start chatting. The ability to initiate live chat with prospective customers can be strategically leveraged to convert casual inquiries into positive sales.

Proactive chat can also be used to announce product promotions, sales and other incentive programs. In fact, we strongly recommend that you create special offers on your site using proactive chat. This will further kindle the customer's interest in your products and services and cement a strong two-way communicative relationship between your chat operators and your customer base.

It is now possible for you to provide chance to your site visitors to chat from multiple locations from within the same web page on your site. You can use this feature from the "Get Codes page" and generate the right set of codes to invoke live chat from more than one location on a single web page.

Layered chat window

Your customers and website visitors can now maximize and minimize the Visitor Chat Window on web page. Users can even click to close the chat window once the live chat interaction has concluded to their satisfaction. This ability to use a layered chat window on your website does not interfere with your ability to customize the Visitor Chat Window in any way. You can still determine where the chat window should appear on the customer's monitor before your site visitors invoke live chat on your website. You also have the ability now of disabling or enabling the objects on your chat window for ease and convenience of your users. WE have provided you with a large number of chat window templates which you can easily customize based on your preferences. These new features are not static. They will work even when the page is refreshed or is redirected to another page within your website.

Extensive Visitor Information System

The Visitor Information System (VIS) built into Live2Support is your window into the world of customer behavior. It provides highly accurate and reliable real-time data on your site visitors:

- From which search engine or website your site visitors have arrived on your website
- How many visitors are on your website at any given time
- For how long your site visitors visit your website
- The operating system and web browser your site visitors use
- Your site visitor's city, country of origin and geographical region
- The time zone and local time in your site visitor's country
- Which web pages your site visitors view on your website

Web Base Interface for monitoring and chatting

Our chat application allows you to use a web-based interface to monitor site traffic and chat with customers without having to download or install any additional software applications. Simply login to your Live2Support account, begin to monitor your site visitors, and chat with them from any computer work-station in the world with Internet connectivity.

Stand Alone Application ( Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad) for monitoring and chatting

Windows Application (Win32) to monitor site traffic and chat with your customers. Win32 is free and easy to use. We can even help you with it. Win32 allows you to minimize the Live2Support application to your computer's system tray and execute other tasks without even noticing its presence. Live2Support continues to run in the background without enabling your Internet browser. Live2Support uses minimal system resources when launched in this mode.

Call Back Feature

The Live2Support Call Back feature lets your customers and site visitors interact with your sales, tech support, customer service or other departments via telephone without having to abandon the chat facility. There are several ways in which the Live2Support Call Back feature has been integrated with the chat interaction process. The Call Back feature can be configured to integrate either or both the functions we have mentioned depending on your preference.

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