Supervising & Reporting

Supervise and Report with Live2Support

Live2Support has taken live chat support to the enterprise level, in essence. As a chat administrator for your company, you can:

These are only a few of the many controls you can exercise as an administrator. You can provision for two types of chat operators:

Administrative Chat Operators are much like team leaders in a live chat environment. They can define chatting preferences for other support operators for ensuring optimum live chat support being rendered to your website visitors.

Create Operator Assessment and Performance Reports

Produce Time Logs of Live Support Service

Here are five in-depth reports that will provide you with statistical feedback about the way in which your chat agents are performing and how Live2Support is being used on your web site:

Track your PPC Performance

Track the performance of your pay-per-click campaigns in real time with Live2Support. On your Visitor Monitoring Window you can see all the current visitors on your website clearly displaying the campaigns which led them to your website. You are not restricted to Google and Facebook etc can track any campaign once defined in your Live2Support live chat account.

Produce Chat Transcripts of Chat Sessions and offline messages

Generate transcripts of not only the chat sessions in which your chat operators have interacted but also check offline email messages. There are several permission levels you can set as an administrator for other support operators.

Invoke Team Chat and Escalate Chat Sessions

Your chat operators can bring in a colleague with more experience into a chat session that is already in progress This unique feature, can go a long way in building customer confidence and loyalty when they notice that they are not restricted to be assisted by only one operator, but in-fact are being transferred to another operator who is more adept to assist them accordingly.

Monitor “in-progress” Chat Sessions Randomly

Monitor any active chat window on your website in real time as an administrator and examine the chat transcript of the sales or customer service interaction randomly. This feature enables you to assess operator performance and work with those operators who are under training and need guidance and support.

Integrate Seamlessly with Google Analytics

Enable the power packed analytics features of Google Analytics by logging into your Live2Support account and saving your Google Analytics account information in the Control Panel. Track more than one form on your website. Track the following forms with only a few mouse clicks:

What is more, you can track them simultaneously. Simply go to your Google Analytics account and generate multiple codes which you should paste on each of these forms.

Re-upload these web pages back on your server once the codes are in place. Soon, Live2Support will begin to generate statistics for you to review and analyze.

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