Live Support

How Live2Support Live Chat Functions

  1. Live Chat in Online and Offline Mode
  2. Customer Chat Window

    Live Help on your Website (When your Agent go Online)

    Live2Support provides you with the option to either activate live chat service on every page of your website by attaching code only once or providing the service selectively by attaching code to specific web pages.

    • Choose the pages where the chat icon should appear
    • Extend a chat invitation to a website when a visitor lands on any one of your web pages using Live2Support's Proactive Chat feature
  3. Desktop Interface for Support Operator/Agent

    When your Chat Operators go Offline

    Live2Support provides you with offline features too. You can display a message for your website visitors asking them either to leave a message for you, call your phone number, or return to your website later when your chat operators are on duty. If your visitor decides to leave you a message by completing a short inquiry form from the same window, this message can arrive in your inbox as an email message.

    • Click the offline option?? When you or your operators go offline
    • You can customize the Offline Message from the Control Panel
    • Decide whether or not to ask for an email address??
  4. Web Base Interface for Support Operator/Agent

    Operator's Visitor Monitoring with web base interface

    You are ready to chat with visitors/customers on your web site. The chat alert message, which informs you that visitor/customer would like to chat with you.

    • Accept the chat request by either clicking on "Accept" or by clicking on the visitor's IP address
    • Minimize your monitoring window without any hesitation and continue handling other tasks because the window will pop right back up once a new visitor initiates a chat request
    • Activate the alarm feature so that an audible alarm can further attract your attention when a visitor extends a chat request
  5. Live Chat Support with Desktop Application

    Using Live Chat Support with Desktop Application

    Live2Support gives you multiple ways to communicate with your website visitors. You can use a browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari to converse with your customers. You can also download Live2Support application stand alone version which does not require a browser. You will still need an Internet connection though to connect with your visitors.

    • Download our stand alone Windows or MAC desktop application and install it in no more than 2 minutes
    • Take advantage of all the features with the stand alone version
    • Update the stand alone version absolutely free because we add new features regularly
    • Use the stand alone version of Live2Support on your smartphone as an Android or iOS app and manage your company on the go
  6. Operator Chat Window

    Operator/Agent's Chat Window

    The Operator's Chat Window is your nerve center. Your chat operators can activate a host of features from this Window and ensure the perfect user experience for your website visitors

    • Use canned messages to greet your visitors, provide standard answers to questions, and Say "Thank you" or "Good bye."
    • Choose from an attractive gallery of smileys to convey a specific emotion to your visitors
    • Communicate in any one of several languages which we support
    • Send and receive files from your visitors while the chat session is active
    • Transfer the chat session to another operator if the question falls outside your department