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With just about every conceivable online activity making a steady and sure transition to smartphones and handheld devices, it is no wonder that Live2Support’s mobile apps are downloaded hundreds of times every week to deliver a rich blend of customer engagement and sales effort backed by cutting-edge technology.

Fully Functional Android App

The Live2Support Android app for smartphones and tablets is a fully functional native app designed to deliver live chat support to your mobile customers and visitors while your chat operators are either on the go or away from their desktop workstations It is also free for all our customers and there is never an extra cost involved to download and use the Live2Support Android app.

Truly Intuitive App which works in the Background

The Live2Support Android app never interferes with phone calls or other tasks which you perform on your mobile device. It pops up and alerts you only when an incoming chat request arrives while your chat agents are out of the office and using their mobile devices to stay in touch with your website visitors. There is more!

  • You never have to log in and out over and over again repeatedly each time you open and close a chat session.
  • The user interface is extremely friendly with no clutter and supports one tap navigation for just about all major functions.
  • You will never drain your battery resources just because you are using the app.
  • The audible chat notification alert is pleasant and volume/vibration levels can be set by you
  • The app is extremely responsive and tasks take no more than a few milliseconds to execute.

Download the latest Version

The Android Team at Live2Support constantly strives to keep the Android app updates and in sync with the latest Google updates. Our team members attend Google I/O remotely each year in order to stay ahead of our competition!

Released after thorough Stress Testing

Every update of the Live2Support Android app is released for download after stringent alpha and beta testing with a view to minimizing downtime and maximizing peak performance.

Download Today!

Download the Live2Support app for Android smartphones and handheld devices either from the Google Play Store or from our website and experience live chat services being delivered in a truly mobile and flexible environment.

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