A Tip Sheet On Improving Customer Support With Live Chat

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Very often, success in a modern techno-centric enterprise is governed not by the technology you deploy but the way you deploy it. This holds true for live chat as well. The single most significant advantage that live chat has over other modes of customer service delivery is that customers and site visitors reach out for this medium from a position of knowledge. The likelihood of one of your customers having used live chat prior to arriving at your web site is very high. This is mainly due to the ubiquitous use of text chat and instant messaging (IM) via AOL, Yahoo, MSN and Google. Leveraging live chat technology to streamline sales efforts and provide customer service does not involve a learning curve. Here is a short list of actions you can take to bet the most out of the live chat feature on your web site:

Position Chat Buttons Prominently

As the dictum goes, to see it is to believe it. Your customers can't use live chat on your web site if they cannot locate or view the Chat Button at a glance. No matter how powerful and effective your chat application is, it is futile if your customers can't find the chat buttons easily.

Enabling Live Chat on a Web Page

Determining the sections of your website where chat support should be made available is always a matter of utmost consideration. Experts have a rather interesting take on this subject. They believe that it is wise to enable chat on those web pages that may even remotely serve as a landing page since it cannot be precisely determined that which page visitors will land upon first. Visitors may arrive on a specific web page of your site without your least expecting them to do so.

Qualified Chat Operators

Quality and not quantity is the determining factor when it comes to service delivery through live chat. Your chat operators should have a good command over the language of the visitor community. They should be well informed about the product or service you provide. They should also be able to respond to chat requests in a timely manner without having to cause long queues and hold lines.

Dedicated live chat on your web site offers a highly viable means of building customer loyalty and generating multiple conversions each time a customer responds to your call for action. Chronicle your usage and you will notice the extent to which live chat can inspire your customers to return over and over again.

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