Gold Package - Live Chat Hosted Software for your website

2 + 1 (Free) Support Operators

$39.95 Monthly

** US $13 per month per additional operator

$110 Quarterly

** US $36 per quarter per additional operator

$380 Yearly

** US $120 per year per additional operator

Gold Package is multiple support operators login package with all advance features and starts from $39.95 and designed for medium and large level business. Gold package have some extra features like Call back, Call back history, Department based Chat Session, Third Party Integration and many more that make it the best product of Live2Support.Theses features provide some more information about your visitor and help you to provide a better customer service to your website visitors.

Premium Features available in this package:

  • Geo location
  • Chat history pop-up on chat pickup
  • Pro-active/Auto chat invitation
  • Friendly Invitation
  • Auto-pop ups
  • Pro-Pop : Proactive pop-ups
  • IP blocking
  • Multiple Departments
  • File transfer during chat
  • Post Chat Survey
  • Multiple on-line/ off-line graphics in same page or different images
  • Auto Greeting Message on chat pick for every operator.
  • Advertisement/PPC campaign tracking
  • Various Administrative options such as setup of additional operators, transcripts monitoring etc.
  • Chat transfer and Messaging to Other Support Operators
  • Operator to operator chat
  • Chat Sharing
  • Administrator Chat Monitoring
  • Support operators rating and login logs
  • Multiple Support Operators Login.
  • Support Operators reporting.
  • Access Off-line Messages
  • Customize pre-chat form
  • Customize post-chat form
  • Operators Auto logout from application
  • Co-Browsing during chat session


Other Features available in this packages:

  • Real time Text Chat and Visitors monitoring
  • Web browser interface for Monitoring and Chatting
  • Windows Application interface with Spell Check for Monitoring and Chatting
    (Using this interface you need not to open web browser, application can stay in system tray)
  • Tracking/chat code for secure web pages (SSL) & secure chat sessions
  • Visual and audio notification on chat request
  • Real time on-line/offline status on your web site
  • Visitor information - OS,Browser,Language, Many more.
  • Custom chat image (your own graphic for online/offline status)
  • Various visitor window customizable options
  • All Text/Message in visitor chat window in any language are customizable
  • Ready made templates for visitor chat window
  • Off-line messages
  • Typing status
  • Chat Transcripts
  • Push Pages
  • Canned responses (Predefined responses)
  • Single Support Operator and Multiple Chat Sessions.
  • Show Visitor Queue Number in chat waiting status
  • Maximum Waiting Time by visitor in queue
  • Enable Time base chat session
  • Layered Chat Window
  • Operator Specific Chat Session
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