Live Support

Gold Package - Live Chat Hosted Software for your website

Does Rock Bottom True Value Pricing Mean a Quality Compromise?
No... Never... Not at all!

Premium Features available in this package:

  • Geo location
  • Chat history pop-up on chat pickup
  • Pro-active/Auto chat invitation
  • Friendly Invitation
  • Auto-pop ups
  • Pro-Pop : Proactive pop-ups
  • IP blocking
  • Multiple Departments
  • File transfer during chat
  • Post Chat Survey
  • Multiple on-line/ off-line graphics in same page or different images
  • Auto Greeting Message on chat pick for every operator.
  • Advertisement/PPC campaign tracking
  • Various Administrative options such as setup of additional operators, transcripts monitoring etc.
  • Chat transfer and Messaging to Other Support Operators
  • Operator to operator chat
  • Chat Sharing
  • Administrator Chat Monitoring
  • Support operators rating and login logs
  • Multiple Support Operators Login.
  • Support Operators reporting.
  • Access Off-line Messages
  • Customize pre-chat form
  • Customize post-chat form
  • Operators Auto logout from application
  • Co-Browsing during chat session

Other Features available in this packages:

  • Real time Text Chat and Visitors monitoring
  • Web browser interface for Monitoring and Chatting
  • Windows Application interface with Spell Check for Monitoring and Chatting
    (Using this interface you need not to open web browser, application can stay in system tray)
  • Tracking/chat code for secure web pages (SSL) & secure chat sessions
  • Visual and audio notification on chat request
  • Real time on-line/offline status on your web site
  • Visitor information - OS,Browser,Language, Many more.
  • Custom chat image (your own graphic for online/offline status)
  • Various visitor window customizable options
  • All Text/Message in visitor chat window in any language are customizable
  • Ready made templates for visitor chat window
  • Off-line messages
  • Typing status
  • Chat Transcripts
  • Push Pages
  • Canned responses (Predefined responses)
  • Single Support Operator and Multiple Chat Sessions.
  • Show Visitor Queue Number in chat waiting status
  • Maximum Waiting Time by visitor in queue
  • Enable Time base chat session
  • Layered Chat Window
  • Operator Specific Chat Session