Using Live Chat Software to Build Customer Profiles

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Although the primary purpose of live chat service on a website is to engage the customer and initiate a meaningful interchange which is eventually expected to conclude in a sale, there are a number of ways in which live chat can help to gain deeper insights into customer behavior. The large quantum of mission-critical data that surfaces during the course of any live chat interaction can go a long way in enhancing your service delivery model. In spite of the fact that most customers remain anonymous while chatting with your live chat operators, the dialog between the two provides ample opportunities for your chat operators  to build both individual as well as general profiles of both your website visitors and customers alike. Moreover, customer behavior assessment conducted through live chat can also tell you how well your user interface and site navigation are performing.

Locating Information on your Website

If your live chat agents receive a disproportionate number of chat queries asking them to help you locate specific products on your website, there may be a problem in the way in which products are categorized, grouped and displayed on your e-shopping website.  Additionally, there may be an issue with respect to your website’s search function. Such indicators can help you to address these potential deficiencies in a timely fashion.

Customer Demographics

Although the practice of requesting customers to complete a two-line  survey asking for a first name and an e-mail address while waiting in a queue to chat with your operators is not uncommon, you can ask your customers and website visitors to participate in a short survey on an optional basis. These surveys can generate valuable information about your target audience such as their geographical region, income level, age, gender, propensity to make online purchases along with data on its frequency, etc.  Their shopping patterns can also provide insights into product popularity thus making it possible for you to anticipate demand.  You should use this valuable customer data to expertly articulate an effective strategy for your sales funnel.

Live chat Transcripts

Most premium quality live chat software applications have built-in chat transcript capability. A careful and collective review of chat transcripts will shed light on several aspects of your customers' buying habits and help you identify what type of products interests them. Your live chat operators can even ask your customers for product suggestions and honestly test price points during these chat interactions.

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