Why Live2Support

Live chat support has emerged as the go-to solution for real time customer support, stimulating ecommerce, driving sales and building bridges with customer communities. At Live2Support, we recognized the importance of customer conversations more than a decade ago. This is why live chat service from Live2Support is ranked as the preferred choice for live customer engagement by thousands of companies which share a common vision and a robust online presence worldwide.

Why us?

What differentiates Live2Support from other live chat providers and why should you choose us over others? We know the answers. However, you need to know them too in order to make an informed decision!

Gain from our Experience

We bring to you several years of experience in the enterprise live chat domain owing to our extensive industry presence. We were founded in fall 2003 and have been delivering enterprise live chat support service ever since.

Benefit from our Focus

For us, live chat support isn’t one of the many things we do but the only thing we do. At Live2support, our single and unqualified focus is on live chat only. This means that you will render live chat on your website from a company whose commitment to stability, reliability with virtually no down time is rock solid.

Leverage our Technology

The online technologies we deploy at the front end as well as the back end is first rate next to none. It is constantly updated after stringent review and testing. Feel free always to ask us about the high end power-packed servers we use in the cloud, their resilience and redundancy.

Iron Clad Data Privacy and Disaster Recovery

Your live chat data is protected with multiple layers of privacy and security in the cloud and even we don’t have access to your chat data unless you authorize us in writing to retrieve it for you. Your chat data is also backed up at multiple data centers located around the world in order to insure a zero tolerance for data loss.

Save Costs

Given the several hundred features our live chat service delivers to you; it is a bargain at twice the price. At prices unmatched across the industry we bring to you the same level of features, benefits and services for which other companies charge twice or more the amount per month and more in a few cases!

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